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Gamut is an action platforming game in the vein of Ninja Gaiden, Oniken or Castlevania. It's an arcade game rewarding good reflexes and dexterity.

To reach the end of each level in Gamut, you will have to navigate between platforms and fight ennemis. You control a character equipped not with a sword or a whip, but a paint brush. With this brush, you can make strokes of primary colors : blue, yellow and red. In the demo, the enemies and interactive objects will come in those primary colors but in future levels, who knows... Beware not to use the wrong color!

The demo contains 4 levels. Most of the graphical and audio assets are placeholders. Using a gamepad is highly recommanded as the game is barely playable with a keyboard.

Gamut was made using GameMaker. This is my very first game. Any amount of feedback will be highly appreciated.

Have fun!

Gamepad controls available ingame.

Keyboard controls:
WASD = move
Space = jump/select
J = blue stroke
I = red stroke
L = yellow stroke

Known bugs (august 2019):
- lifebar going haywire after getting hit.
- moving platform not starting if the player jumps off immediatly after landing.
- music not resuming after unpausing.


Gamut (2019-08).exe 15 MB

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